The beach

The beach
by cricketjeff on May 5, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
First they send me far away
Then they work me hard all day
All I want to do is play
Out on the beach

Teaching people what to do
Sea and sky are both light blue
Pity I’m not nearer you
And on the beach

Internet on hotel bed
At least they got me nicely fed
Can’t I be out there instead
Down on the beach

Think I’ll go out for a stroll
There’s still time to lose control
Where they’re playing rock and roll
Along the beach

Now I’m back inside the room
The sea was warm in moonless gloom
Ozone makes a great perfume
On any beach

One more day and home again
Back to all the normal strain
Off to work on crowded train
And no more beach