The date

The date
by cricketjeff on January 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
At a café, by the river, as the Moon began to wane,
Where we sat as simple lovers after early evening rain.
All the moonlight was reflected in the beauty of your eyes
And you picked that special moment to give me your sweet surprise.

There was wine to drink, and music, and the clouds had rolled away,
And we’d walked beside the water and we’d spent a perfect day.
Cuddled close when it was raining, walking free beneath the sun
For a English day in springtime can be filled with so much fun.

Now the evening was a warm one at the table on its own,
Where we sat and contemplated all the ways our lives had grown.
Now the waiters left us sitting and the world went off to sleep
I was gazing at perfection as I found your eyes were deep.

In your turn you looked serenely at my face so close to yours
And the thoughts I saw were forming seemed to open all the doors.
Far away from past encounters, days like this were wholly new,
And the basis for the difference was today was spent with you.

As our fingers slowly mingled and our chatter slowed and died
There were feelings I was growing from a seed I found inside.
The surprise that I have mentioned then occasioned ecstasy
When you whispered, oh so softly, you were now in love with me.