The fourth ODI -India v England 2007-

The fourth ODI (India v England 2007)
by cricketjeff on August 31, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
In the cricket match last night
It wouldn’t be quite right
To say either batting side was playing well
They scratched about
Or just got out
After choosing shots they brag about in Hell
Tendulkar it is true
Played a glorious shot or two
But he hardly raced along at topmost pace
And the top of England’s tree
Played about as well as me
When the home side took their turn to mount a chase
Then Bopara and young Broad
Put the bowling to the sword
And made the Indian side look very old
With England one one four for seven
Rahul Dravid was in heaven
But the evening ended with him right out in the cold
Now India trail by one to three
And it’s very hard to see
How their side can get much younger in three days
Because when fielding it seems
They leak runs to other teams
And they just can’t get them back in other ways
Author notes Would get you a
more conventional view of the match.