The Ginger Gang

The Ginger Gang
by cricketjeff on March 1, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
If I go too long unshaven then I grow a ginger beard,
Which is in between amusing and little bit too weird;
I’ve a wife who’s hair is ginger, and my eldest son’s the same
Not sure about the next one, he’s a blond, it’s such a shame.
Then my daughter, not the tallest, and she’s madder than a yak
With her hair so very ginger though she did once die it black.
And the youngest is another who is biscuity on top,
So you see I’m not a fibber when I claim a ginger crop.

With this crew of dreadful gingers, that’s not hairist just the truth,
I am bound to spend a lifetime disabusing the uncouth.
Though they can be fiery tempered, and they’re stranger than a carp,
They are quick as any silver and their brains are good and sharp.
I like gingers, well some gingers, I like redheads, brunettes, blondes.
It is not about the hairstyle it is whether she responds,
When a comic takes the mickey out of any little thing
I get cross but then remember, don’t complain or he may sing!!!