The Hills in Wales

The Hills in Wales
by cricketjeff on October 3, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The Ryder Cup’s in Wales, and in October.
And they’re surprised there was a drop of rain
The planners must have been a bit “unsober”
Or maybe just a little short of brain
The hills in Wales are green most of the year
The reason for the colour should be clear

In summer when it rains it may be gentle
In Winter when it rains we call it snow
But Spring and Autumn will be elemental
And not so much a shower, more heavy flow
The hills in Wales are beautiful all year
But not too many skies in Wales are clear

I haven’t watched them waiting for the rain
It’s really not my game on sunny days
Eight hours of men with sticks is mental pain
It’s not a game it’s just a Scottish craze
The hills in Wales will laugh at least a year
It could be days before the course is clear!