the lexophile in love

the lexophile in love
by cricketjeff on April 30, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When your arms wrap round her beauty you’ve a duty to the night
If you feel a little fruity and your cutie treats you right
Though you can’t exceed your ration of the passion that’s been set
You may kiss her ’til your ashen in a fashion past regret

Follow down the halls of pleasure with the treasure that you hold
And give her the fullest measure of the leisure that wins gold
Every moment since you met her has been better than the best
For a lover and go getter who can’t get her off his chest

All alone you used to blunder as the thunder split the air
Now you simply gaze in wonder at the plunder that you share
You may stare at her reflection it’s perfection in your eyes
For she wiped out your dejection with injection of her sighs

Now you’ll find my rhyming chiming with the way you want to feel
Love’s subliming as you’re climbing from a fantasy to real
With some luck you’ll not recover stay a lover all your life
As you poise yourself above her say you love her as your wife

Author notes
Got a bit carried away with the rhyming I guess …