The next generation!

The next generation!
by cricketjeff on May 21, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Tom lived next door to Mary and they rarely played apart
They were really rather naughty and they had been from the start
When both of them were fives years old, they dug up worms for fun
And Mary’s Mum was horrified with Worm and Current bun
The high jinks were continued when they had the time at school
Tom’s teacher walked round half the day, his back was labelled “FOOL”
Mary used to tickle Tom until he wet his pants
And Tom would then retaliate and fill her hair with ants
The giggling pair would hurry home to torture Mum and Dad
A house not filled with screams and yells left Tom and Mary sad

When both of them we ten or so, they played all day on bikes
For miles around the pair were known as dreadful little tykes
Knock down ginger, water bombs, and chasing dogs and cats
No-one was safe from catapults, or finding they’d four flats
The other children gazed in awe our heroes were the kings
Without a doubt the dreadful pair weren’t earning angel’s wings
Police were called each month or so and pocket money stopped
But Tom and Mary never quit and punishments all flopped
Grounding them had no effect, their windows were like doors
They didn’t mind their bottoms smacked and made a game of chores

Everything then changed one day, when Mary’s legs grew long
The two of them still played their games, another sort of wrong
Now Mary pushes Pete around, while Pete has plans in store
At Tom and Mary’s brand new house, a girl’s moved in next door!
Author notes
And so it goes on…