The peeping tom

The peeping tom
by cricketjeff on July 29, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A little hint of pink across her face,
She saw us as we kissed and played around,
I tickled you and laid you on the ground
And didn’t see that she was in her place.
I will not hide as though we’re in disgrace
Because she saw us kiss and then she frowned
To see the love that we have lately found;
She’ll have to turn her eyes to outer space.

She tried to hide her blush from you and me
But anyone with eyes was sure to see,
Her cheeks were never quite that red before,
As round and pink as any girl’s balloon
And all because we didn’t bargain for
The prying eyes that saw us from the moon.

Author notes
A French sonnet in iambic pentameter, the “French” sonnet rhyme scheme is
abbaabba ccdede, many sonnets in French are in 12 syllables rather than 10 (12
syllable lines are called Alexandrines almost invariably consist of two six
syllable hemistitches joined or maybe separated by a caesura or natural pause)
French is should be noted is not as heavily stressed a language as English nor
does it have the long and short syllables of Latin and Greek so meter is softer
and in a typical French Alexandrine the twelve syllables are in pentameter.