The pianist

The pianist
by cricketjeff on November 3, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Alone in the room, with his lover at last
Recalling the passions of times that have passed
When he’s on stage of his skill he is certain
But can he perform when he closes the curtain

When he’s on stage his love fills each note
If you go to hear him your mind starts to float
His passionate music fans each listener’s desire
Filling their bodies with seething hot fire

Now all that passion is focussed on one
Can he fill her evening with love and with fun
An accelerando composed on the spot
A crescendo of feelings for his lady so hot

Now that his fingers aren’t stroking the keys
Will he still be able to tempt and to tease
Glissandos performed on his lover’s fair skin
Can they be as soft as his music within

His style on piano is simple and clean
The man and the instrument a perfect machine
A man with a lover is to harder to pair
But when there’s a match you just cannot compare

So maestro take stage and begin to perform
Pour out all your music to fill up her form
Give all the passion as you give when you play
And the lady you love will be certain to stay
Author notes
This was a truly excellent poem in my head, but I just haven’t been able to
make it work as I wanted. So in the end I have posted something in the hope
that tomorrow I shall look at it and think “I know what’s wrong” and fix it.