The Praise of the Crowd

The Praise of the Crowd
by cricketjeff on September 17, 2017.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
He promised the Moon and he just didn’t care
Fulfilment would finish the World.
He knew he was lying, but thought all was fair
In getting his banner unfurled.
Such naked ambition should not be allowed,
He sought only glory and praise from the crowd.

He knew every fact had been faked by the fools
Who laboured in sanity’s name.
Endangered our futures by breaking the rules,
Knew there was no downside to fame.
A clown and a bad one, but he’s standing proud,
He only believes in the praise of the crowd.

When history views him it may seem he lost
By winning the fight for the prize.
In power you sometimes must stump up the cost
Reality sees through the lies.
But rose tinted spectacles leave him unbowed
Who cares about truth, when there’s praise from the crowd!

Author notes
To the theme of “popularism”