The scent of you

The scent of you
by cricketjeff on July 28, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
I caught your scent discarded on the breeze,
A hint of joy like blossom on the trees,
An echo in my heart of early spring;
A memory that’s only there to tease.

I felt your laughter floating in the air,
Like blackbirds proudly singing everywhere,
But I could not enjoy that welcome sound,
I haven’t got the happiness to share.

I saw your smile behind a gleaming door
And heard your dancing feet across the floor,
But we were never doomed to share that dance
To music that you taught me to adore.

You knew my tears would fill an empty sea
But didn’t take the time to say to me,
That pain was only written in my mind,
An imprint of immortal poetry.

Why aren’t you here to take me by the hand
And canter through the summer days we planned?
You took away the reasons to go on,
Your death’s a thing I’ll never understand.

Author notes
This was supposed to be a happy love poem, but it refused to go there, I don’t
know why.
Oh it’s a Rubaiyat if anyone cares, iambic pentameter in quatrains rhymed aaxa
bbxb ccxc etc., where each stanza should read like a separate poem.