The small hours

The small hours
by cricketjeff on September 19, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
When you’ve kissed goodbye to midnight, and the day’s still far away
And yesterday is lost in might-have-beens
Then the dark and deep conclusion is that you are here to stay
And there isn’t any point in making scenes
Now the wee small hours have got you and they hold you in their jail
And you do not try escaping as you know you have to fail

Even blackbirds are not singing and the sky is dully grey
Not a hint of any starlight meets your eyes
There’s no beauty and no magic only hopes of hell to pay
And a single streak of joy’s a big surprise
Now the wee small hours have got you and they’ll drag you down to drown
There’s no thought you could be smiling now the night has donned her frown

A fox has started barking in the distance and the dark
And the sound is all that says the world is there
In the centre of your thinking there may be the merest spark
And you have to hope that’s life enough to share
Though the wee small hours have got you and they’ll tell you any lies
There’s a little glimpse inside you of the look that’s in her eyes

Now the spark has started growing and you feel that you can glow
With the hope of dreams of days of better times
Now a sleep can seem appealing since you’re sure that you now know
That the night has been committing petty crimes
And the wee small hours can’t hurt you you’ve a love to show the way
She’ll be back again to greet you in the pure gold light of day

Author notes
Being asleep is wonderful, but sometimes getting to sleep is not so much fun