The Song of Gus and Jake

The Song of Gus and Jake
by cricketjeff on March 9, 2011.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
A driver called Gus
Once sat in his bus
And thought about starting the route
But then he saw Jake
So went for a break
To talk about Neville the newt

Amphibious chatter
May not always matter
But they were both terribly keen
They’d switched their discussion
(In English and Russian)
To how to keep natterjacks clean

As queuers grew restless
(‘Twas cold, they were vestless)
The drivers moved on to talk frog
These green short-tailed creatures
Have wonderful features
And Jake needed thoughts for his blog

The language got stronger
As queues grew still longer
And tempers het up by degrees
Most people can’t stand a
Red backed salamander
While they are beginning to freeze

Why should people fuss
When two busmen discuss
The passions that keep them alive
So what if they’re waiting
These men are debating
New ways that the planet can thrive

At last they’ve got driving
The bus is arriving
It’s full as a marketday pub
And slow as a tortoise
Whose legs aren’t supporters
Of any known athletic club

All buses seem lazy
Drive passengers crazy
And travel in threes when they can
But I need to catch them
A walk cannot match them
And running is not in my plan!