The Texas Rose

The Texas Rose
by cricketjeff on February 15, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
T here’s a lady down is Texas has a fight upon her hands
H er life has been a tough one but I’m sure she understands
E ach time she fights a battle and each time she scores a win

T here’s another point of ref’rence on the road she must begin
E ach heart her heart encounters will find she’s brave and strong
X-ray her true intentions and you’ll find you get along
A s soon as you have met her I know you will agree
S he’s the prettiest little picture that you could ever see

R emember when you meet her to treat this lady right
O r you will have to face me in a mean and dirty fight
S he’s feisty as a rattler and her heart and spirit shows
E ach man who ever meets her will adore my Texas Rose

Author notes
I don’t do acrostics!