by cricketjeff on July 21, 2009.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved

By the riverbank in summer, eating cake and drinking wine.
    Reading poetry that paints a perfect day.
Through the willows, dappled sunlight gives the world a new design,
    And some leopard patterned promises of play.
There are sandwiches and pastries, and the wine is keeping cool;
While you smile with sweet indulgence as I try to play the fool.

There are tasty bites of sandwich filled with meats I cannot name,
    There is laughter sent to wipe away the clouds,
There are fruits fresh plucked from Eden, as we skirt around the game,
    That lovers play when far away from crowds.
When we’re satisfied by feeding on the dainties we have brought
We can turn to satisfaction from another form of sport.

On that afternoon in summer, when a picnic was the thing,
    I kissed you and fell deeper into love.
A box deep in my pocket held a pretty diamond ring;
    And the birds were singing lovesongs high above.
When you answered me my question with a smile and whispered “yes”
I knew this summer picnic was an unsurpassed success.