by cricketjeff on July 12, 2008.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Ecstatic explosions of shimmering white;
Descending and dashing in sounds out of Hell,
Destroying and building a staggering sight
With element easily held in a well.
The forces of nature as never contained
Refuse all demands that they should be constrained.

Imperial majesty plunging to doom,
Unstoppable force boasting beauty undreamt.
A halo of colour that shines above gloom,
Surrounded by jungles of gardens, unkempt.
The beauty the gods see, each night, as they sleep
Is lost to the world in a chasm so deep.

No man-made construction can rival the power
Of the surges and urges of seasons of rain.
It starts with a patter of innocent shower
And ends at a lake that a river must drain.
The greatest of marvels that scatter the Earth
Are the falls and the forces that water its girth.

In all of the continents peopled by man;
Beneath crashing clouds that are mothers to might,
The rivers have sculpted the mapmakers plan
By carving through mountains that rise overnight.
From streams through to torrents to rivers like seas,
The daughters of raindrops bring rocks to their knees.

The waters of nature hold visions sublime
Unmatched by the paintings that artists have framed.
It’s only the poet in free verse or rhyme
Can equal the waterfall’s beauty untamed.
Each colour and pattern that’s conjured from light
Is matched by the works in which Winklings delight.

Author notes
Sorry no white tigers