Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle
by cricketjeff on May 9, 2012.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
It’s hard to be a tiger when the garden’s rather small
And you’re looking at your jungle from atop a crumbling wall,
But in between azaleas you may see some tasty prey
The type of treat to brighten any day.

In the lazy summer sunshine you are close to debonair,
With disdain for nature’s dangers and your nose high in the air,
Till a rustle in the bushes says that something’s there to eat
So you listen for the squeaking or a tweet.

On the vibrant green savannah you observe the grazing herds
Then select a tempting target from the unsuspecting birds
With a leap through flying feathers and a snap of steel hard jaws
You’ve the best that you can capture in your paws.

Now to prove that you’re the greatest take it straight in through the flap,
It’s a gift worth more than rubies for the human to unwrap,
But before you can present it there’ll be chicken, beef or fish
Nicely chopped, just ripe for eating in the dish.

When you’ve eaten every morsel there is something not quite right —
Sounds of smashing glass and china and those words are impolite …
What a lot of silly fussing, it is not your fault at all
If a frightened bird starts flying in the hall …