Wanted – A Vaccine For The Planet

Wanted – A Vaccine For The Planet
by cricketjeff on October 21, 2020.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The World’s a little poorly and it won’t get better soon,
And everything’s as crazy as a hippo on the Moon.
I’d really love to cure it but I’ve no idea how –
How do you mend a scrambled egg, turn bacon back to sow?

We’ve mined for coal and minerals then not cleaned up the mess.
We’ve plundered every nation and we’ve eaten to excess.
We never thought about it – just grabbed everything we could
And thought that making money was the same as doing good.

Now forests are infernos, frozen valleys are in flood,
Where once was clear blue water we see seas of oily mud.
I love to walk on mountains under skies of diamond stars
But now I trudge through smog-banks to the tune of log-jammed cars.

There’s riches beyond measure and you don’t lose if you share.
There’s beauty past believing and you only have to care.
Don’t despoil the World around you, don’t take more than you can eat,
Help your neighbour get back walking when he’s fallen from his feet.

It ought to be so easy to restore our paradise –
Just think of other people and remember to be nice
But that is far beyond us, we all only think of “me”
So our lovely World is poorly and the future’s misery.

Author notes
This started out to be in a rather lighter mood, I wanted to match the cartoon
by suggesting that sicknesses always end and there is sunshine after rain but
every time I wrote those words they fell out of meter and others took their