We kissed

We kissed
by cricketjeff on December 11, 2007.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
Sound asleep and in a chair
Nothing knowing, unaware
On my cheek a brush of hair
You do the thing’s I’d never dare
You kissed me

On my lips your own are placed
Giving me the merest taste
Now I wake in utmost haste
Sleep from me completely chased
You kissed me

You sit down, you’ve bought a drink
Opposite my chair you sink
Chat about the things we think
Then you give the slightest wink
Lean across and kiss me

It may just be that’s all I get
And all my life I’ll not forget
The time I left with much regret
Such a thought  now makes me fret
You kissed me

Now I stand, and you do too
Move together right on cue
I stand to drink in quite a view
Just one more thing that I must do
I kiss you
Author notes
not a kiss this time, two kisses held apart and together by rhyme