Where I Would Go

Where I Would Go
by cricketjeff on July 6, 2020.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
There’s a track beside the water of a tiny Lakeland stream
That leads down a wooded valley to a spot where I can dream;
Where I’ve never met another, never had my peace disturbed,
Where the World can be forgotten and the past lies unperturbed.
On the hottest day in Summer I have never seen it dry
And however thick the mist is you can always see the sky
There the grass is soft for sitting or for lying half asleep
While the waterfall sings love songs to a pool that’s not too deep.
It’s a lonely walk to get there, for I’d always go alone
Picking paths few others tread on so they’re almost overgrown
There’s no other spot I go to where I need no cup of tea
Where I don’t want Kendall Mint Cake just to simply sit and be
For an hour I know forever then I leave and wander back
Full of innocent contentment – and the first thoughts of a snack …

Author notes
I give Prism permission to publish this poem in one of their future books: