Where Worlds Collide

Where Worlds Collide
by cricketjeff on July 24, 2010.  © Jeff Green, All rights reserved
The morning dawns in birdsong and a nagging phone alarm
As sunlight blows the cloudy dreams away
A note of nature’s beauty and a noise devoid of charm
Combine to force my mind to face the day

While in my mind I watch you in your waves of morning hair
A tousled mass of beauty on the sheet
I smile and watch you stirring ‘though I know that you’re not there
Reality and fantasy compete

A cup of tea will wake me as the postman’s at the door
Two bills beside the latest magazine
With cereal for breakfast and a day at work in store
I’m sure that you’re familiar with the scene

But you are here beside me smiling softly from inside
A poem that I’ll never leave unsaid
When everyday is not for me I have a place to hide
The secret refuge kept within my head

The telephones are ringing there are emails on the screen
I’m wanted in a meeting after ten
Humanity forgotten work requires a mere machine
Until it’s time for living life again

But while my body’s busy I can spend my time with you
Away from all the bother that I see
There’s nothing to distract me and some happiness is due
Inside the private dream of you and me